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DEXLab Educational Activities

At Maastricht University and at the School of Business and Economics, our resources empower researchers to collect firsthand data and engage in innovative studies, establishing DEXLab as a central hub for digital research and hands-on learning. Our unwavering commitment ensures that SBE remains a pioneer in modern education and research, drawing the brightest minds from academia and industry alike.

Using the facilities and equipment at DEXLab can significantly improve the academic journey of Maastricht University students. The lab provides access to advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), allowing for hands-on experience in a variety of fields.


It's an ideal setting for experimental research, particularly in the field of human behaviour studies. DEXLab also promotes educational activities and interdisciplinary collaboration, both of which are critical for academic and professional development.


Participating in DEXLab workshops and training sessions broadens students' skill sets and knowledge bases, making it an invaluable asset in their academic pursuits.

Improving Teaching and Learning at Maastricht University

  • Maastricht University students boost learning by integrating advanced digital technologies into their academic courses.

  • DEXLab offers diverse thesis internship opportunities, aligning student research with lab resources.

  • Students can engage in innovative projects in technology management and digital innovation at DEXLab.

DEXLab Services

DEXLab provides a dynamic environment for exploring digital technologies and their application in educational and research contexts.

Our offerings include: 


We host specialized workshops focusing on the use of digital technologies in various business scenarios, helping professionals and students alike to understand and leverage these tools for their advancement. 

VR applications

Training Sessions in Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality setup is ideal for immersive training sessions. Whether it’s for presentation skills, practicing interviews, preparing for a thesis defense, or other educational applications, VR offers a realistic and impactful learning experience. 

Digital Breakout Sessions

Custom-designed sessions are available to be incorporated into academic courses, giving students practical experience with innovative technologies and enabling them to apply classroom learning in an interactive digital setting. 

Research Support

Researchers can access our advanced digital tools, including the lab space and premium software, to support or become the focal point of their investigative projects.

How can VR shape the future of education.
Conversation with Roberta Di Palma

Are you a student at Maastricht University interested in how this technology can aid your academic journey?
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