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DEXLab Educational Activities

The DEXLab, part of Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics (SBE), leads the way in exploring digital experiences. The DEXLab uses modern mobile and wearable devices that are easy to use without needing a lot of technical help. These devices cover a wide range of digital tools, including Virtual Reality (VR), Sensory-enabling-technologies (SETs), Augmented Reality (AR), Brain-Computer-Interfaces, Neuroscientific tools, and service robots

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At Maastricht University and at the School of Business and Economics, our DEXLab resources empower researchers to collect firsthand data and engage in innovative studies, establishing DEXLab as a central hub for digital research and hands-on learning.

The lab equips SBE to maintain its edge in technological research and digital education, and acts as a converging point for researchers, educators, students, and external partners. This collaborative ethos cultivates synergy among diverse groups, yielding high-caliber research, imaginative learning, and the shaping of future educational paradigms. Our unwavering commitment ensures that SBE remains a pioneer in modern education and research, drawing the brightest minds from academia and industry alike.

How can VR shape the future of education.
Conversation with Roberta di Palma

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