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DEXLab Workshops and Executive Education

At DEXLab, we are deeply influenced by the “Problem Based Learning” (PBL) philosophy when engaging in executive education. This approach, coupled with our extensive network of academic experts, seasoned business professionals, and bright students, enables us to craft dynamic, intimate learning environments. These platforms not only offer fresh insights but also yield tangible outcomes for modern-day challenges. A standout feature of our workshops and master classes is the involvement of worldwide leading scholars in the realm of emerging technologies. 


These scholars, who are actively engaged in cutting-edge research, bring first-hand experiences to the table. They possess an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of current technologies and have a keen eye on the horizon for what's emerging next, and how these technologies are going to shape the businesses of tomorrow. The DEXLab empowers professionals with the tools and frameworks essential for leadership and excellence in a digital age. With a foundation in rigorous academic research and strengthened by the lose affiliations with global businesses and institutions, the DEXLab’s goal is to nurture innovative thinking. This mindset is instrumental in driving positive societal change.


The DEXLab assists individuals and organizations in embracing a forward-thinking mindset, empowering them to achieve a competitive advantage. At DEXLab, our educational offerings encompass MBA programmes, executive masters, management courses, and cutting-edge innovation projects. Additionally, we collaborate with professional teams and organizations globally to craft tailored programmes that meet specific needs.

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