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Welcome to the Digital Experience Laboratory of the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University.

Virtual Reality

Welcome to the DEXLab

The purpose of the SBE DEXLab is to drive understanding of digital experiences at SBE with a variety of mobile and wearable devices, which are cutting-edge, usable without extensive technical support (beyond the academics), potentially useful for various research applications and focus on user experience. These devices include a wide array of digital technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Sensory-enabling-technologies (SETs), Augmented Reality (AR), Social/service robots, etc.


The SBE DEXLab accommodates a broad range of studies that include movement in digital environments or social interaction of multiple participants. Such a set of digital devices offers all academics at UM/SBE the opportunity to collect primary data and to develop a digital experience competence hub for education and research.

With recent diversification and globalization taking place in business research and ever-growing competition, this lab would help to establish and future-proofing the SBE with regard to technological research & digital education. The lab serves not only a laboratory space (the SBE DEXLab) but also serves as a hub connection of researchers, educators, students and societal stakeholders outside of UM.

The connections support cross-functional and interdisciplinary collaboration, ensure high-level research output, future development of PBL. The SBE DEXLab manifest SBE as a leading player in technology enhanced education and research relevant for attracting top talents in research and education.

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