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DEXLab Academic Research

The DEXLab, part of Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics (SBE), leads the way in exploring digital experiences. The DEXLab uses modern mobile and wearable devices that are easy to use without needing a lot of technical help. These devices cover a wide range of digital tools, including Virtual Reality (VR),  Augmented Reality (AR), Brain-Computer-Interfaces, Neuroscientific tools, and service robots.

DEXLab Research Areas

Advancing Research and Education

  • DEXLab at Maastricht University is crucial for pioneering studies and digital research, offering tools for firsthand data collection.

  • DEXLab serves as a collaborative hub, uniting researchers, educators, students, and external partners for innovative learning and research.

  • SBE's commitment to DEXLab positions it as a leader in modern education and research, attracting top academic and industry talents.

Augmented ReseARch Group

A global research group, with experts from the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK, which explores the impact of AR/VR technologies on consumer decision-making in B2C and B2B contexts including marketing, retail, and logistics.

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Maastricht Center for Robots

The Maastricht Center for Robots explores service and social robot advancements, collaborating with international academic and industry partners to promote adoption and assess impacts on diverse stakeholders.

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Neuro-DM Initiative

The Neuro-DM Initiative, spearheaded by the Decision Sciences study group at SBE, merges marketing, psychology, and neuroscience to analyze consumer decision-making and reactions to advertising.


DEXLab Services

DEXLab provides a dynamic environment for exploring digital technologies and their application in educational and research contexts.

Our offerings include: 


We host specialized workshops focusing on the use of digital technologies in various business scenarios, helping professionals and students alike to understand and leverage these tools for their advancement. 

Training Sessions in Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality setup is ideal for immersive training sessions. Whether it’s for presentation skills, practicing interviews, preparing for a thesis defense, or other educational applications, VR offers a realistic and impactful learning experience. 

Digital Breakout Sessions

Custom-designed sessions are available to be incorporated into academic courses, giving students practical experience with innovative technologies and enabling them to apply classroom learning in an interactive digital setting. 

Research Support

Researchers can access our advanced digital tools, including the lab space and premium software, to support or become the focal point of their investigative projects.

How Augmented Reality Research can increase sales. Conversation with Jonas Heller

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