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DEXLab Research

The DEXLab, part of Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics (SBE), leads the way in exploring digital experiences. The DEXLab uses modern mobile and wearable devices that are easy to use without needing a lot of technical help. These devices cover a wide range of digital tools, including Virtual Reality (VR),  Augmented Reality (AR), Brain-Computer-Interfaces, Neuroscientific tools, and service robots.

DEXLab Research Areas

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Augmented ReseARch Group

The global research group, with experts from the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK, explores the impact of AR/VR technologies on consumer decision-making in B2C and B2B contexts including marketing, retail, and logistics.


Leveraging the latest apps and devices, they merge scientific rigor with practical industry insights, fostering collaborations with business partners to enhance real-world applications.

Visit for more information and  to become a business partner.

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Maastricht Center for Robots

The Maastricht Center for Robots (MCR) examines the opportunities and challenges presented by the rapid development of service and social robots. Collaborating with a global network of academic and industry partners, MCR aims to facilitate the adoption of this technology and understand its impact on various stakeholders. Through research, education, and practical business engagements, they aspire to create value that surpasses the individual contributions of each element.

Visit The Maastricht Center for Robots for more information.


Neuro-DM Initiative

The Neuro-DM Initiative, spearheaded by the Decision Sciences study group at SBE, merges marketing, psychology, and neuroscience to analyze consumer decision-making and reactions to advertising. Utilizing techniques such as eye-tracking and EEG, they aim to delve into subconscious processes in real-time. Currently seeking funding for research equipment, they aspire to facilitate teaching and student projects in the future.


For more information contact:


At Maastricht University, DEXLab resources are essential tools for our researchers. They enable us to collect firsthand data and conduct pioneering studies, making DEXLab a central hub for digital research and hands-on learning. In today's rapidly changing business landscape, marked by intense competition, DEXLab equips us to stay ahead in technological research and digital education.

However, DEXLab goes beyond being a research laboratory; it acts as a meeting point where researchers, educators, students, and external collaborators come together. This collaboration fosters the development of high-quality research, innovative learning, and the evolution of future educational approaches. Our unwavering commitment ensures that SBE remains a leader in modern education and research, attracting top talents from academia and industry.

How Augmented Reality Research can increase sales. Conversation with Jonas Heller

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