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Master Thesis Topics 2023/2024. A futuristic leap with DEXLab!

At DEXLab, innovation is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment.

For students poised at the cusp of a transformative phase in their academic journey, DEXLab offers an unprecedented opportunity. These scholars have the chance to immerse themselves in the realm of AI-powered Virtual Reality, augmented reality, brain-computer interfaces, and much more. Aligning with DEXLab's vision means working at the epicenter of technological innovation intertwined with nuanced business insights.

For the upcoming academic year, DEXLab is proud to present a diverse range of master thesis topics. These 13 topics have been meticulously designed for those specialising in Strategic Marketing, Marketing Finance, Supply Chain Management, or BISS. Each topic beckons an exploration into the future of technological advancements and their strategic business implications.

Application Procedure & Deadlines:

  • Deadline for Applications: Monday, 30 October 2023.

  • Guidelines:

    • Apply to a maximum of 3 topics/supervisors.

    • Clearly indicate the preference in all applications (i.e., a top 3 ranking).

    • Remember, once accepted, there's no turning back. Dedication is paramount!

Available Topics:

  • Exploring the potential of using immersive technology to enhance group communication skills Supervisor: Dominik Mahr (supported by Anna Krispin and an industry partner)

  • The type and impact of how voice assistants to help visually impaired consumers. Supervisor: Dominik Mahr (supported by Floriane Goosse and an industry partner)

  • Service Operations AND Service Experience (SXO) in Education: Linking front-end and back-end of the university for better student experiences Supervisor: Dominik Mahr

  • The Future of Service Training: Exploring the Potential of AI-powered Virtual Reality Roleplays Supervisor: Roberta Di Palma

  • Beyond Traditional Learning: The Impact of VR Training on Students' University Perceptions Supervisor: Roberta Di Palma

  • How Do Consumers Become Attached to Digital Objects in Augmented and Virtual Reality? Supervisor: Alexandru Maris

  • Consumer Acceptance of Brain-Computer Interfaces in Marketing, Service, & Retail Supervisor: Jonas Heller

  • Virtual face aging: Augmented Reality (AR) as a tool to increase pension engagement by driving the connectedness with the future-selfSupervisor: Jonas Heller

  • Conversing with Tomorrow: AI-Enabled Chatbots as a Bridge to Our Future Self Supervisor: Jonas Heller

  • Virtual Time Travel: How Virtual Reality Shapes Consumer MemorySupervisor: Tim Hilken

  • The Impact of Service Robots on Customer Experiences & Service Outcomes – A Customer Perspective Supervisor: Mark Steins

  • What Makes Frontline Employees Adopt and Collaborate with Service Robots? - An Employee Perspective Supervisor: Mark Steins

  • Can customers tell when they are being served by an AI?: Conducting a Turing-Test for service robots and AI Supervisor: Marc Becker

  • “Let’s build the perfect service robot”: Determining what service robots should ideally look like and how they should ideally behave. Supervisor: Marc Becker

  • Using Virtual Reality to manipulate emotions Supervisor: Stefan Bos

  • A picture is worth a thousand words: A project on visual communication/storytelling in marketing Supervisor: Sammy Wals

More info and application: Canvas > Writing a thesis proposal > Modules > Thesis topics

With the backing of DEXLab, students are uniquely positioned to fuse their academic prowess with the latest technological trends.

All prospective applicants are advised to connect directly with the respective supervisors via email.


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