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Meet our new intern: Steve Biewer

Hi, my name is Steve Biewer, I am 22 years old and I am in my last year of Business Engineering here at the university of Maastricht.

My internship at DexLab will be until the end of March. I like doing sport, especially table-tennis. I play in a club in Sittard for the first team. I like solving problems and DexLab is the right place for this. I am working on the marketing side to help out DexLab to get more reach and to promote our services.

DexLab enables me to use high tech equipment which helps me for my research in Virtual reality. My research is about analyzing a virtual reality application about table-tennis on the new Oculus Quest 3 glasses. I am doing this as my bachelor thesis. The research is about figuring out how far the replacement of reality can go in table-tennis. With a long-term idea to completely replace reality by virtual reality in this sport. Besides that,

I am an eager person that likes new things and progress in unexplored fields, and I am looking forward to develop DexLab further.


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